The House

There are a lot of house plans available depending on your builder – or you could even do a custom build. One of the main reasons we went with our builder was because we loved some of their house plans. Actually, the plan we decided on wasn’t our first choice, and we actually hated the first model we went through – weird, huh?

Back story. We decided we liked one model because of its finished third floor with a bonus room. It was the perfect fit, and the third floor added some additional privacy for the “man cave.” Unfortunately, finishing that third floor would make it too expensive for us. We toured the house we finally decided on, but we didn’t like some small features. Turns out that those are some features most people didn’t like, so they had some “non-custom” options to make everything work a bit better.

The decision. We made our decision based on cost and functionality. We were deciding between two models – the Waverly II and the Jefferson. The Waverly II needed the finished third floor to meet our needs aka add the man cave and third full bathroom. The extra cost didn’t outweigh the benefits, so we decided on the Jefferson model.

The Jefferson. I love our house. This model is so functional, and it will be a great house for the long term. It has four bedrooms (one on the main level with a full bathroom) and a very large bonus room that could be changed into a bedroom if necessary (that will probably never happen after it’s transformed into the ultimate man cave as soon as we move in). We also have three full bathrooms (one of my requirements), and we have plenty of space for both of us to have an office. We ended up getting creative with the dining room for that :). Our master closet has been updated to double in size (it’s the size of our spare bedrooms!!!), and I can’t wait to fill it up. We went with the farmhouse elevation as I think it will stay classic for years to come. I’m not planning to move again!

House Plan
Our official house plans!

What we picked for the inside is coming up next!