Learn what made us decided to build!


Welcome to the first installment in Our New Country Home. We are building a new house, and our family and friends have a lot of questions regarding the process, what we’ve picked out, and so on.

We officially started this process a few weeks ago, and we’ve been moving pretty quickly. We just gave the big “OK” to our final house plans so they can go off to the county, and we picked all of our finishes in just under three hours (apparently that’s very fast!). I’ll write another post going into those details soon.

Why did we decide to build? We are both young professionals relocating from the DC area, and we needed time to sell our other property. We were lucky enough to be able to start this process before selling, which makes it all much more bearable (but still stressful!). We’ve been looking at houses for months and months, for fun and for need, and we noticed that not one house was exactly perfect. We knew we’d have to update at least one thing in every house – sometimes big things like all of the bathrooms and the kitchen. I started looking at new construction, and while more expensive upfront, it seemed like a great idea.

Fast forward. We decided on a fantastic builder after touring a few homes. They won awards in the area, and they had very few “bad” reviews – aka only one! We spent an entire day going from model to model in their different communities, but we knew we wanted a large lot. A lot of the lots in the community we were targeting were just too small or had too much covered area. We finally decided on one neighborhood, so I decided to take a look before we had an official appointment on that next weekend. Boy was I disappointed. Not because the neighborhood wasn’t great but because it wasn’t what I expected when I thought of the country. Every lot was fully wooded, and most of them had some sort of grading so it wouldn’t be completely flat.

Really fast forward. Even though I kept an open mind, I was still not sold on the wooded lots. I’m very visual, so the idea of clearing a space that you can’t fully see until you’ve made the commitment was frightening. Luckily, the representative for our builder notified us of another community, one much more like what I had in mind. We hadn’t originally considered this community because of the price tag, but we explored it anyway.

Long story short. We viewed the other community and immediately loved it. It used to be a very large cattle farm, and the owner made sure that plenty of it was left undeveloped before he sold it off. We picked a two acre lot with lots of extra protected space behind it (it looks like our lot is four to five acres thanks to this space). We slept on that decision after asking the builder’s representatives to put together some price comparisons, and then we were officially under contract!


House plans, etc coming next!

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